Bio & Inspirations


Born and raised in Poland, Jadwiga Hajdo has started her art journey more than 40 years ago. Being a teacher and working with children in an orphanage sparked her interest in painting, what over time developed into a deep passion. She is a self-learner, not limited by any existing frameworks. She always follows her intuition and surrenders to her own feeling of observed nature, what she later coveys in her artworks.


The last years of Jadwiga’s creation were focused on abstract expressionism, as this way she can express her fascination in nature best. Her works are a result of feeling, sensing and noticing what is happening around her. Flower petals, dew, small birds singing in the morning, sunrise and sunset, leaves and grass, forests, fields, sea, mountains, EARTH. The magic of nature and perfection of its shapes, colours and curves continuously astonishes her and motivates to express this beauty on canvas. Jadwiga Hajdo loves creating things that are new, unpredictable and difficult to reproduce.

Art path

Her first art “teachers” were the classic impressionists Monet, Manet, Pissarro, Cezanne, and others. Through their work, she learned how to use oil paints and capture the beautiful movement of nature on canvas. However, the year 2008 was ground-breaking in her art career, where she completely changed the technique to acrylics and started to create abstract pieces. Because of family reasons she had to move for one year to a small village in Poland, where she was surrounded by golden cornfields, wild, green forests, and a colourful garden with countless flowers. Every single day she took a walk in nature and observed it in every form. Sunrise/Sunset, Day/ Night, Summer/Winter, Sun/Rain, Clear Sky/Fog, Dew/Hoarfrost. Fascinated by the glistening drops of dew she felt the need to paint them and thus started dotting her paintings. The dotting was only possible with acrylics, so she changed all her tools and began a new journey into abstract art.



Walking in nature and observing it from all the angles is the biggest inspiration for my paintings. It’s an essence of my art. Flower petals, dew, small birds singing in the morning, sunrise and sunset, leaves and grass, forests, fields, sea, mountains, EARTH. The beauty of nature enchants me.




I am inspired by the beauty and magic of nature, I am fascinated by flowers- how they blossom, by their geometry, by their unique range of colours, the brilliance of dew on their petals, EVERYTHING. Flowers are so expressive, so emotional, so sensational.




I often find myself staring at the light reflections and find inspiration there. In my room, I have crystal glass beads hanged by the window and when the sun shines into my window, its rays go through the crystals and reflect incredible patterns in my room. I observe and admire these beautiful illuminations for hours. And later I subconsciously transfer them to my paintings.




I am a self-learner, who always looks for new styles, techniques and tools. Two years ago, through skimming on YouTube I discovered the pouring technique with which I experimented for a while. However, I needed something more to it. So, I bought different tools, brushes, paints and created my own style combining what I’ve learned earlier with what I felt inside of me.  And this is how my abstract expressionism floral paintings came into being.